3Dlook is the brainchild of two friends and fellow students Alexander Kukov and Todor Todorov, who completed the Forestry University in 2007 graduating class. engineering designers. Specializing in 3D design, visualization, post production for still images, all types of modeling objects.

We are young designers, part of a long tradition of specialists in the design field, whose development can be seen over the last centuries. In our new age of information design, everything has undergone a revolution in depth, new technologies, communication and media for countless other material and social innovation. It is so dynamic that provokes us into daily contact with search and discovery of new tools for understanding these new phenomena in our field.

We believe in the image of the imagination. This is our supreme instrument of human communication as vital today as in past years .Тhrough image can begin to understand the desires of the designers ideas through his connections with consumers create their spaces
We understand, imagination, this is what makes us human beings. Released our job to move to physical space through creative ascent, to reach an emotional level, where the expression became the poetry of images.